Seattle Fire Department Officers' Association

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Courtesy of Seattle Fire Department Officers' Association, all SFD members now have access to the Fire Engineering Streaming Video Library.  Choose from a continually expanding selection of over 130 titles, and over 350 hours of streaming video.  View together at the station with your crews from any computer.  Access the Fire Engineering Streaming Video Library at the link below.


  • Usernames and passwords have been distributed to all SFD members.
  • The subscription contract requires us to keep this access available to SFD members only.
  • Please keep the login information secure:
  • Do not share the login information with anyone outside the SFD.
  • Do not post the login information where non-SFD members could access it.
  • There is a username unique to every SFD Fire Station, 33 total usernames.
  • Videos may be accessed simultaneously from 33 different locations.
  • Please use the username of the Fire Station you are at.
  • Members working at admin locations may use any available username.
  • Disclaimer: Views expressed in these videos do not necessarily reflect those of the SFD or the SFDOA.
  • Contact with questions.
  • Thank you for participating in the SFDOA Libraries.


The Library is now open to all SFD members! 


  • The SFDOA Library is now open to ALL SFD MEMBERS.
  • Over 150 titles are currently available.  See list above.
  • Books are available by email request to SFDOA Librarian:
  • 1 book per member at any given time.  You must return your book prior to receiving another one.
  • Books are delivered via SFD mail run, in large manila envelope.
  • Please: No marking or highlighting of library books.
  • Books are due on 1st of every month.  Return via SFD mail by your last shift of the month.
  • Waiting list will be kept for books that are checked out.
  • Extension may be granted by advance email request to Librarian only if there is no wait list for specific book.
  • Limit: 1 month extension per book.
  • Return book in same manila envelope with return address (E25 Lt. Cameron).  Line out your name on envelope so that the return address is used for delivery.
  • Library Policy subject to change.
  • Go to: for book descriptions and reviews. 
  • Library list will be updated by user request. 
  • Readership Incentive – Book-a-Month Club: Any SFD member who checks out (and reads) 12 books in a calendar year will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card.
  • Disclaimer: Views expressed in these books do not necessarily reflect those of the SFD or the SFDOA.
  • Thank you for participating in the SFDOA Libraries.

Read a book each month, because:

“No matter how busy you may think you are you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance”   ―Confucius ,

 “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” ― Dr. Seuss